2020 Cities - Dublin, 04 - 05 December 2018

On 4 and 5 December 2018 we returned to Dublin for a new 20-20 Connected Cities meeting.

Our host was Jamie Cudden, Smart City Program Manager for the Dublin City Council.

In this high-level meeting, CIOs, CTOs and smart city program managers engaged and exchanged knowledge with international cities and other stakeholders in sustainable urban development.


What attendees said


“ Cities worldwide need to innovate to address challenges such as transport, environmental monitoring, management of extreme weather events, and improving citizen engagement. Sharing experiences with other cities and collaborating with companies that have scale and experience is invaluable to better utilise assets and infrastructure to deliver more efficient and responsive city services. 2020 Cities excels in building and developing relationships between stakeholders in urban development. I’m delighted to be the co-chair of the Connected Cities meetings.”

Jamie Cudden, Smart City Program Manager for Dublin City Council.