2020 Cities - Brussels, 28 - 29 June 2018

The 11th 20-20 Cities meeting, held on 28 and 29 of June, was hosted by the Minister of Mobility and Public Works for the Brussels-Capital Region Government, Pascal Smet. In this high-profile meeting, Deputy Mayors, CEO’s, and Directors of City Transportation from both European and international cities endeavoured to exchange solutions for common transport and urban planning issues. Over 20 cities convened to discuss a wide range of topics such as creating a regulatory framework for mobility services, enabling autonomous vehicles and their impact on urban planning, the widespread effect of a shared vehicle urban mobility system, creating a zero-emissions city and enforcing low-emission zones, and transitioning from diesel to electric.

This group of enthusiastic and proactive cities included Aarhus, Amsterdam, Basel, Belfast, Bergen, Berlin, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin, Ghent, Hamburg, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Rennes, Tampere, Vienna, and Warsaw.

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Group photo
Welcome speech by Pascal Smet, Minister of Mobility and Public Works of the Brussels-Capital Region and 20-20 Chairman
Dick Wolff, Councillor for Transport, Culture and Communities of Oxford during the roundtable discussions
Susanna Metsälampi, Director of the Finnish Transport Safety Authority during the roundtable discussions
Pascal Smet, Minister of Mobility and Public Works of the Brussels-Capital Region and 20-20 Chairman
Presentation by Marius Macku, Senior Associate for EU Public Policy & Government Relations, Uber
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What attendees said


“ The most beneficial part of 20-20 Cities was to have the possibility of introducing our Bettair solution to measure air pollution in urban scenarios, with high accuracy and high spatial resolution, to relevant transport representatives from 20 European cities.”

Josep Perello, Managing Director, Ateknea Solutions

“ Excellent venue and organization, excellent choice of participants (private and public), short inputs with intense discussions.”

Raimund Brodehl, Deputy General Director of Transport and Roads, Hamburg

“ Very enriching exchange with an excellent mixture of cities of different sizes and interesting representatives of the industry; high quality dialogue; and an excellent host.”

Alain Groff, Head of Mobility, Basel